About Yi Lin

Our name Yi Lin (怡林) represents the two proud names that constitute us, e.g. Ipoh "怡保" and our family name Lam "林".

In Yi Lin - we are specialized in bringing the best of our locally made products directly to the consumers. We have has a long history in Ipoh, Perak. Yi Lin was established back in 1940s by Mr Lum Sek who migrated from Shunde in Guangdong, China to Penang then to Ipoh in early years of his youth. Before migrating to Malaysia, Mr Lum Sek was helping his father to run a restaurant in Shunde.

Since inception, we produce high quality Chinese sausages and preserved pork. Some of our products are still handmade and adopting the traditional sausages making methods. This allows us to retain the authenticity, traditional taste, yet keeping special aroma that have made us proud in serving the Malaysians all these years.



在怡林, 我们专诚为您提供最佳的本地腊味产品。我们在怡保拥有悠久的历史。怡林是由林锡先生从中国广东省顺德迁移到槟城然或后到怡保后在1940年间创立的。在移居之前,林锡先生是在顺德帮忙他父亲打理酒楼。

我们向来出产高品质的腊肠与腊肉 。我们有一部分的产品还是用手工制造, 也尽量保持传统的腊肠制造方法。所以我们产品还保有真实,传统及独特的味道。

Frequently Asked Question

Is the sausage casing made of plastic?
No. Our sausage casing is collagen casing. It is a type of commonly used artificial edible casing made from collagen in animal. The traditional casing made from animal intestine is very rare and limited supply nowadays.
Should I remove the casing before cooking?
No need. The collagen casing is soft and edible.
Should I slice the sausages or preserved meat before steaming?
No. Better to slice it after steaming. Although not wrong, however slice it before steaming will make the texture rougher and less presentable.
Is Chinese sausages and preserved meat the fresher the better?
Yes and No. Chinese sausages and preserved meat go through aging process after production. The color would turn slightly darker and the aroma becomes richer and more pleasant in the aging process. However keeping it in room temperature for more than 2 months is not advisable. You can keep in refrigerator for longer storage period (up to 6 months).
Is Chinese sausages and preserved meat cooked?
No. Chinese sausages and preserved meat went through drying process during the production. Although heat was used but the products are not cooked therefore still require cooking before consume.