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Lap Cheong Omelets (腊肠煎蛋)

Recommended Lap Cheong

Classic Lap Cheong Liver Lap Cheong

Ingredients (Serving for 1)

Lap Cheong 1 stick,1 Egg

  1. Cut the lap cheong into coin shape.
  2. Pour the egg into a bowl and stir until mix well.
  3. Preheat the oil. Stir fried the lap cheong for 1 to 2 minute and take out.
  4. Reheat the oil again, start to fried omelet.
  5. Put the lap cheong in the omelet When half done.
  6. Fried until cook and ready to serve.

切肉肠 肝肠

材料 (1人份)

腊肠/肝肠 1 条,鸡蛋 1 粒

  1. 将腊肠切成硬币型状
  2. 把蛋用筷子搅拌成蛋液
  3. 把油倒入锅内加热, 倒入腊肠煸炒1至2分钟后捞出
  4. 原锅加热,倒入蛋液
  5. 蛋液半熟时,把腊肠撒在蛋液上面
  6. 双面煎蛋液至凝固即可出锅装盘