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Steam (蒸)

Generally, the best and easiest cooking method for sausages and preserved meat is steaming. Simply wash the drip dry, steam (uncut) for 15-20 minutes. Then cut accordingly,

  • For sausages, slice diagonally into thin pieces.
  • For preserved pork belly, cut across at around 1cm wide.
  • For preserved sliced lean meat, cut across meat grain (the direction which the muscle fibers are aligned) at around 2-3 mm wide. Preserved lean meat is tougher. Cutting along meat grain or too wide may be hard to bite.

You may add a layer of slice potato or arrowhead potato below the sausages when steaming. The potato or arrowhead potato absorbs the oil from the sausages or preserved meat and become delicious and tasty.



将腊肠或腊肉冲洗,滴干. 然后在未切之前蒸 15 – 20 分钟。 过后才切片。

  • 将腊肠斜切成薄片。
  • 将腊花肉横切成 1 厘米厚。
  • 将腊廋肉切成大约 2 – 3毫米厚。切腊廋肉要注意事项是必须横切,将肉的长纤维切断。不能顺着肉的纤维纹下刀。腊廋肉的肉质较硬,顺着肉的纤维纹切会比较难以咀嚼。

当您采用蒸法于烹煮腊肠时,也可以加上已切片的土豆 ( 马铃薯)或芽菇在的腊肠底部。土豆或芽菇可以吸取腊肠或腊肉的油份,增添食物的美味。